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Category Archives: Skin Resurfacing

The Causes and Treatments of Pigmentation Problems

Skin pigmentation problems such as age spots or blotchiness have many different causes and they occur in all skin types and skin tones. At Dr. Lipton’s, our Medical Spa provides various treatments that improve pigmentation issues, everything from chemical peels to Intense Pulsed Light to Pixel laser resurfacing. For this first blog of February, let’s… Read More »

Getting Rid of Brown Spots

Brown spots, age spots, sun spots — whatever you want to call them, no one likes seeing them on their skin. With all the sun we receive in Texas, having these areas of pigmentation across our facial skin and elsewhere is almost inevitable. At the Dr. Lipton’s, we have several treatment options to get rid… Read More »

Improving Your Skin the Pixel Way

Fractional resurfacing sounds like an oxymoron. How could you resurface Lewisville’s Mill Street if you only resurfaced a “fraction” of it, right? Ah, such is the beauty of fractional resurfacing at Dr. Lipton’s. We DO only impact a fraction of the skin surface to initiate wholesale collagen renewal beneath. If only street resurfacing were so… Read More »

Your Face is Asking for Laser Energy

Fractions may have not been your favorite subject in school growing up, but your facial skin loves them. Huh? Yeah, at Dr. Lipton’s our Alma Pixel fractional laser treatments impact just a fraction of your skin’s surface to take years off of your skin. The procedure is called Pixel Perfect™, and it improves your skin’s… Read More »

Stuart Lipton | Eye lift | Lewisville, TX

Eyelid Surgery Isn’t Just for Women

Men and women’s bodies can age in different ways. But one area that is common to both is our eyes. Whether it’s due to the thin skin around our eyes and on our eyelids, or whether it’s because our eyes are constantly exposed to the elements — no one escapes sagging, drooping eyelids and the… Read More »

Pixel Your Way to Better Skin

Fractional skin resurfacing with CO2 lasers is nothing new. It has been around for a decade or so and delivers good results. The problem has always been recovery. These fractional resurfacing treatments involved a fairly significant recovery in some early models. Those days are over, because there’s a new CO2 laser in town and Dr.… Read More »

Skin resurfacing Lewsiville, TX

Skin Resurfacing through Hundreds of Tiny Holes

In school you probably either loved fractions or you hated them. Fair enough. Ask your facial skin, however, and it’s all in on fractions, as in Pixel fractional skin resurfacing at Dr. Lipton’s. We use Alma Lasers in our Pixel Perfect™ fractional rejuvenation procedure. Pixel Perfect™ improves your skin’s texture and tone, minimizing the appearance… Read More »

Skin Resurfacing Lewisville TX

Get Fractional with your Skin

Dr. Lipton offers Pixel laser skin resurfacing for his patients. Pixel is effective for treating a variety of common skin issues, from acne scars to melasma. A pixel is a fractional form of resurfacing. How does Pixel resurfacing work? The word resurfacing can make some people run for cover. Thoughts of pavement resurfacers or friends’… Read More »

Laser Skin Resurfacing Lewisville, TX

Get Fractional for the New Year

Fractions may not have been your favorite thing in high school, but they could be when it comes to rejuvenating your skin. Dr. Lipton uses the Pixel laser to perform fractional skin resurfacing for his patients. Fractional resurfacing improves sun damage, acne scarring, and other skin problems. What is fractional resurfacing? Fractional skin resurfacing is… Read More »

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