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Want to know one of the hallmarks of kissable, shapely lips? An uplifted area in the center that accentuates the Cupid’s Bow. The unfortunate reality, however, is that few of us have lips like that. More of us have lips that are kind of thin at that area and maybe even have a few vertical wrinkles — dreaded barcode lines — on the skin between the lips and the bottom of the nose.

Ah, but a lip lift with Dr. Lipton could give you those kissable lips. A lip lift subtly decreases the skin between the nose and the upper lip, raising and improving the appearance of the lips.

What Is A Lip Lift?

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The lip lift is a straightforward and quick procedure with Dr. Lipton. He simply shortens the space between the bottom of the nose and the top of the lips. Clinically, this is known as the philtrum. When Dr. Lipton removes a gull wing-shaped strip of skin from the philtrum, this raises the vermilion border, accentuates the Cupid’s Bow, and makes the lips look more enhanced and beautiful.

Candidacy For A Lip Lift

Since most of us aren’t thrilled with our thin lips that are devoid of any interesting shape, particularly in the center of the upper lip, just about anyone could be a good candidate for a lip lift with Dr. Lipton. In younger patients, this procedure enhances the lips and the patient doesn’t need the obvious volume increase that comes with dermal filler injections. By adding definition and contour to the upper lip, a lip lift can provide a more natural result, not just plumping. For older patients, as we age our upper lip loses volume and increases in length, straightening in the center. This procedure effectively shortens the upper lip by gently pulling the skin upward in the Cupid’s Bow area.

This seems like it would leave your upper lip with some sort of dog snarl rise, but that’s not the case at all. People cannot tell you’ve had anything done. They just like the shape of your lips.

What Are The Benefits Of A Lip Lift?

As mentioned above, a lip lift adds shape to your upper lip without adding obvious volume. A person having a lip lift doesn’t have repeated dermal filler sessions with Restylane Silk or Juvederm Ultra or Volbella every year or so. These changes are permanent and beautiful. Plus, the secondary benefit is that by subtly tightening the area between the lips and nose, lip lifts also remove vertical lines that form in the area.

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Will Lip Lift Results Appear Natural?

Most people avoid dermal filler injections into their lips because they fear the obvious plump look provided by injections. You’ve seen this on many Hollywood stars and it’s not a natural look.

This surgery with Dr. Lipton provides a natural, enduring improvement. A lip lift doesn’t add volume to the lips. The end result of a lip lift is subtle but very effective. By reducing the skin between the nose and the upper lip this simply brings the upper lip up, turning the Cupid’s Bow upward and adding contour and sensuality.

How Lip Lift Surgery Is Performed

This surgery takes less than a lunch hour. Dr. Lipton only uses local anesthesia for most patients, although he does offer sedation as well if desired. For the center, he makes an incision in the junction between the nose and the skin above the upper lip. The incision shape is usually like a gull wing, but it can be modified depending on the characteristics of the individual patient’s lips.

How Long Does A Lip Lift Last?

During the lip flip procedure, the surgeon removes a small section of skin to contour the shape of the mouth. The results are long-lasting, unlike dermal fillers, which wear off after several months.

How Can I Prepare For A Lip Lift?

Understandably, everyone involved in the lip lift wants the best outcome! To facilitate this, patients are advised to take excellent care of their skin and general health prior to surgery. Patients who smoke should refrain from all tobacco use beginning at least a few weeks before surgery. This should continue for four weeks after surgery, as well. Tobacco and the chemicals in cigarettes can significantly blunt the natural healing that occurs after surgery. Patients should stop using medications and supplements that thin the blood beginning a week or two before surgery. These increase the risk of bleeding and bruising. If a blood-thinner is prescribed, talk with the surgeon as well as the prescribing physician to explore alternatives. Patients are advised to avoid alcohol for 48 hours before and after surgery for the same reason.

Will A Lip Lift Affect Any Other Parts Of My Face?

In a subtle way, yes! The lip lift gently alters the form and shape of the lips, restoring proportion and balance to the smile. As a result, the face looks younger and friendlier. The results of the lip lift are understated, but beautifully so. People notice a difference but aren’t quite able to pinpoint what it is. This is a testament to the natural-looking results we can achieve with a carefully-performed procedure.

Is A Lip Lift Painful?

No. Patients interested in a lip lift can feel comfortable knowing that we prioritize their comfort. Before the procedure, the doctor administers tiny injections of local anesthetic. This numbs the area around the mouth for the duration of the procedure. No sedation is necessary due to the efficacy of the anesthetic. After the procedure, patients may experience soreness or tenderness in the surgical area. Approved medication can improve comfort for the brief period during which the skin feels tight and tender.

Can I Combine A Lip Lift With Other Facial Plastic Surgeries?

Absolutely! Many patients are interested in addressing multiple concerns in a single surgery. The lip lift can be combined with other facial procedures, from a facelift to nonsurgical rejuvenation like laser resurfacing or injectable wrinkle-reduction. During your consultation, discuss your concerns and your desired outcome with Dr. Lipton. This is your opportunity to create your most ideal look.

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Can I Address The Corners And The Middle?

If the corners of the patients’ mouth droop, the incision can extend further into the groove between the nose and the mouth, the nasolabial crease. This can elevate drooping corners, another common problem with aging lips.

Will I Have Scars After Lip Lift Surgery?

Dr. Lipton is adept at hiding the incision for his lip lifts where the nose meets the skin above the upper lip. Because this is a natural change in skin shape, the scar is virtually invisible after healing.

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Recovery After Lip Lift Surgery

This is not an overly painful recovery, but you will have some swelling. This will last probably around one week around the incision, although it can linger in some patients. There will also be bruising for a week or so. You won’t need prescription pain medication; probably Tylenol and ice will work just fine. Stitches are removed in one week. After that, your upper lip will have some tenderness, but that will continue to lessen. Any redness can easily be hidden with concealer until it goes away.

What Are The Risks With A Lip Lift?

This is a low-risk procedure with Dr. Lipton. Still, it is surgery, so the risks of excessive bleeding, poor wound healing, infection, are there, but these are rare. Patients can have a feeling that their upper lip feels tight as if there is a slight pulling sensation, but this usually only lasts about three days. Otherwise, this is a safe procedure when performed by Dr. Lipton, who is a board-certified plastic surgeon with decades of surgical experience.

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