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Photo Facial

Photo Facial Lewisville TX | Dr. Lipton

Improve your tone & texture

What is Photo Facial?

Photo Facial is an advanced laser therapy that can significantly improve your tone and texture, clear broken capillaries, sun or brown spots, vascular scarring, acne and rosacea. Photo Facial can be used safely for skin rejuvenation to treat aging and damaged skin on the neck, chest, hands and just about anywhere on the body.

How does Photo Facial work?

The Photo Facial process begins with applying the face or body area with a clear numbing gel. The experience is painless and feels like a rubber band snapping lightly on the skin. Each session takes approximately 20 to 30 minutes for an area to be treated. Depending on the area(s) treated, there will be a series of five to eight treatments.

When should I consider Photo Facial Treatments?

Photo Facial treatments are a great choice if you have uneven pigmentation, large pores, vascular scarring, broken capillaries, or overall redness.

How quickly will I see a difference?

After only one treatment, your skin will have a more even tone with a smoother look and feel. Sunspots will fade. Pore sizes will shrink. Fine lines and wrinkles will gradually decrease in size. These improvements will steadily increase with each additional treatment. Patients with rosacea will see a progressive decrease in redness with every treatment.

Immediately following the treatment, the treated skin may appear a little flushed and capillaries may seem to be more visible but will dissipate quickly.

What is the cost for this treatment?

As each individual has different needs requiring treatment the costs for Photo Facial will vary, depending on the severity and area(s) being treated. If you are interested in seeing how you can restore your skin to look more vibrant, call our office to schedule a consultation and personal assessment.

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