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Tiny Crystals Deliver Big Improvements

When you say the word “crystals,” different people have different reactions. Some instantly think of Mr. Scott and his famous dilithium crystals on the Starship Enterprise. For others, images of Yanni and his big hair, incense, and New Age mumbo jumbo go with crystals. Well, at Dr. Lipton’s we like to think of crystals in… Read More »

The Causes and Treatments of Pigmentation Problems

Skin pigmentation problems such as age spots or blotchiness have many different causes and they occur in all skin types and skin tones. At Dr. Lipton’s, our Medical Spa provides various treatments that improve pigmentation issues, everything from chemical peels to Intense Pulsed Light to Pixel laser resurfacing. For this first blog of February, let’s… Read More »

New Hair for a New Year

To a person, no one was sad to throw the 2020 calendar into the recycling bin and break out a New Year. With all the time we had to spend at home, most of us conducted occasional surveys about our surroundings and ourselves. Since no one can go out to eat or travel anywhere, we… Read More »

Robots to the Rescue of your Hair

In January’s first blog, we talked about that thinning hair of yours and a method for restoring real hair growth called follicular unit extraction (FUE). We also described the downside of the process: that it takes hours and hours, that it involves endlessly repetitive manual labor by the doctor, that this creates many follicles that… Read More »

The Mid-Face Lift and the Mini Facelift

During this oddest of years when we can’t travel much and we’re only going out to eat a fraction of the usual, many people are considering the New Year as a good time to invest in a little rejuvenation with Dr. Lipton. Two relatively easy procedures are the mid-face lift and the mini facelift. These… Read More »

Getting Rid of Brown Spots

Brown spots, age spots, sun spots — whatever you want to call them, no one likes seeing them on their skin. With all the sun we receive in Texas, having these areas of pigmentation across our facial skin and elsewhere is almost inevitable. At the Dr. Lipton’s, we have several treatment options to get rid… Read More »

Improving Your Skin the Pixel Way

Fractional resurfacing sounds like an oxymoron. How could you resurface Lewisville’s Mill Street if you only resurfaced a “fraction” of it, right? Ah, such is the beauty of fractional resurfacing at Dr. Lipton’s. We DO only impact a fraction of the skin surface to initiate wholesale collagen renewal beneath. If only street resurfacing were so… Read More »

Don’t Invite Your Smile Lines to Thanksgiving

Despite this darn virus ruining most get togethers in this weirdest of all years, most of us will still get together for Thanksgiving and hopefully some other more low-key events over the holidays. Dr. Lipton wants you to know that your smile lines, or various other lines for that matter, don’t need to be included… Read More »

More Augmentation Decisions

In October’s first blog we delved into the main decision you’ll make once you decide to have breast augmentation, whether you want saline or silicone implants. For this month’s second blog, let’s get into some of the other choices you’ll make. Implant size and projection You’ll choose the size of your implants. This is not… Read More »

Augmentation Decisions

The decision to have breast augmentation is obviously a life-changing one. For a woman who has never been happy with her breasts, these surgeries with Dr. Lipton can provide a whole new sense of self-confidence and a whole new body image. But beyond the basic decision to move forward, there are a host of other… Read More »

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