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Your Face Loves Being Pampered with AquaGold

Whether in Lewisville, Texas or Lewiston, Oregon, we could all use a little help with our facial skin.   Whether sun damage, stress, environmental factors, or simply the decline of collagen that comes with aging, our facial skin shows our age sooner than we’d like. Fine lines and wrinkles, areas of volume loss, pigmentation problems… Read More »

Have People Been Asking If You’re Getting Enough Sleep?

Gravity is the ultimate superhero. No one beats it, especially the skin and underlying muscle tissue on your face. The stresses of everyday life don’t help, either.  The results show everywhere, including your forehead. On your forehead those issues — sagging skin, lines, drooping brows — can give people dealing with you the wrong impression.… Read More »

A Cosmetic Surgeon is Not Necessarily a Plastic Surgeon

While these times we’re living in are often called the Information Age, you could make an argument that this is actually the Disinformation Age. From politicians who outright lie over and over to make false claims seem true to websites circulating stories they know are false, sometimes it’s hard to tell truth from fiction.  The… Read More »

Questions About Breast Lifts

When it comes to breast lifts, people are a little fuzzy with overall understanding of what these surgeries are all about. Most people understand the goal is to lift the breasts, hence the name of the procedure, but details can get a little sketchy. Do they make the breasts larger? Do they make the breasts… Read More »

Leave the Mythology to the Greeks. Let’s Have the Facts.

You have your “urban legends,” your “exaggerations,” your “misunderstandings,” and your “myths.” The aesthetic has many of the last. Even the term “plastic” in plastic surgery is misunderstood. People think plastic is meant to be fake, akin to the material plastic. But in reality, the word plastic in plastic surgery comes from the Greek word… Read More »

Spring into a Nose You Like

Spring is always a time of renewal. That can be especially welcome after this odd Texas winter of COVID and frigid weather. What about some renewal for those flaws with your nose you’ve been noticing for, oh, about 30 years? There are lots of things that you can’t do anything about when it comes to… Read More »

Chemicals = Better Skin. What?

Even if you’re Usain Bolt, things start to slow down as we get older. Our collagen production slows and our skin sags because of it. Our metabolism slows and we gain weight easier. Our movement slows from a healthy gait to an eventual shuffle (OK, maybe not Usain Bolt there). Even the turnover of our… Read More »

Saline Implants with a Difference — Ideal Implants

If you’re considering breast augmentation with Dr. Lipton, it’s likely you’ve been doing lots of research. What else were you going to do trapped indoors most of the time by this never-ending virus (one can only work on so many jigsaw puzzles or watch so many Netflix series!)? In your research you’ve probably read that… Read More »

Turn Up the Volume with Our Juvéderm Fillers

It’s easy to focus on issues such as sun damage or wrinkles when we think of facial aging. But the reality is it’s probably more of a problem with volume loss. See for yourself. Find a few pictures of your parents when they were in their 20s and then their 50s. Unless they spent most… Read More »

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