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Posts From January, 2022

A woman has skincare on her neck.

Don’t Forget Your Neck

Many times, patients are so focused on their facial aging that they overlook one of the first areas to often show even more dramatic signs of aging — their neck. Your neck has two disadvantages when it comes to aging. First, it is exposed most of the time to the sun, heat, and wind of… Read More »

Glamour fashion model with bright gloss make-up posing at studio

Sculptra — The Enduring Filler

Some things, like a Texas summer, last a long time. Other things, like a celebrity marriage, not so much. This is true of dermal fillers. Some last just a few months before the body absorbs them. But one lasts up to two years, which, over in Austin is longer than the lifespan of some tech… Read More »

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