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The human body has an irritating capacity to store pockets of fat that don’t seem to respond to any exercise thrown at them. Just about everyone can accumulate fat in areas such as the lower abdomen, the flanks, the upper thighs, the buttocks, and even under the chin. Liposuction can make these fat pockets disappear and dramatically slim your contour.

Here at our practice, Dr. Stuart Lipton offers liposuction fat removal surgery to his Lewisville, TX patients in the greater Dallas area. Dial (972) 420-0023 today to schedule your Dallas Liposuction consultation to learn whether you are a candidate for treatment!

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What Is Liposuction?

Liposuction is a surgical procedure Dr. Lipton performs to remove unwanted body fat. During the surgery, a thin tube called a cannula is inserted into the body to remove the localized fat. This procedure creates a slimmer, more contoured appearance, reflecting in a more proportioned body. Liposuction is not recommended as an alternative to a healthy diet or exercise. It is also not effective for treating cellulite or tightening sagging skin.

Candidacy For Liposuction

If you are unhappy with stubborn fat deposits on your body that won’t seem to go away, you may start to consider lipo as an option. In order to be an ideal liposuction candidate, a patient needs to have good elasticity in his or her skin. This is so that once we remove the fat the skin is able to tighten down to its new contour. Generally, Dr. Lipton wants his liposuction patients to be within 15 percent of their ideal body weight to have this procedure. It is also recommended that liposuction patients be non-smokers who are in overall good health.

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Some people believe liposuction is a weight-loss procedure. It is not. In fact, removing too much fat can be dangerous. Liposuction is meant to remove isolated pockets of fat that don’t respond to changes in diet and exercise. Liposuction is often part of the mommy makeover procedures we perform.

What Are The Benefits Of Surgical Fat Removal?

Certain pockets of fat are almost impossible to get rid of once they form. And targeting these areas with exercise is equally daunting. But liposuction can remove these pockets. Today’s liposuction techniques used by Dr. Lipton creates only tiny incisions and recovery is not difficult. It is not to be a shortcut around a healthy lifestyle, but a tool for removing isolated, stubborn pockets of fat and slimming the contours of the area you want to treat. Year in and year out, liposuction is one of the country ’s most popular cosmetic procedures.

Areas Treated With Liposuction

Again, the goal is to access isolated pockets of fat and suction them away. These are areas where Dr. Lipton can use liposuction:

Today’s techniques allow Dr. Lipton to be very precise in areas he is targeting with liposuction.

How Is Dallas Liposuction Surgery Performed?

During your fat removal surgery, Dr. Lipton uses the tumescent method of liposuction. This involves first injecting the target areas with a saline solution containing lidocaine and epinephrine. The lidocaine provides anesthetic to the area; the epinephrine constricts the blood vessels to limit blood loss and subsequent bruising. The tumescent solution also firms the fat in the injection area, making it easier to break loose and suction away. Next, Dr. Lipton creates a tiny incision to insert the cannula. The cannula suctions out the fat and most of the injected solution. Modern cannulas are so small that the incisions made into the target area usually don’t require stitches.

For certain areas, Dr. Lipton may add ultrasound energy to the procedure. The ultrasound energy breaks up and partially liquefies the fat, making it easier to remove.

Recovery From Liposuction

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Following your procedure, Dr. Lipton will wrap the treated areas to reduce swelling, bruising, and pain. After these wraps are removed you will immediately transition into compression garments to be worn over the treated areas. These will be worn for one month following your liposuction. These garments not only reduce swelling, but they also help the skin and underlying tissues adapt to their new slimmer contours.

You will have some bruising and swelling; this will take up to 10 days to clear. Most patients can return to work in just two or three days unless they have had multiple areas treated. Those patients may need a week off from work. Scarring will be virtually invisible.

Surgical Fat Removal Patient Testimonial

"I had liposuction and three weeks later I was extremely concerned with the loose skin and dimpling on my stomach. I went in to see Traci Rupe at Stuart Lipton’s MD office. She recommended that we do some sessions of Venus Freeze. I could not believe after just one session how much tighter and smoother my stomach looked. I just did my second session and even better results this time.. The results have far surpassed anything that I expected. Traci Rupe was extremely knowledgeable and skilled in her profession. I would highly recommend Traci Rupe and the Venus Freeze procedure to anyone looking for smoothing out or tightening their skin. Stuart Lipton MD Traci Rupe - Aesthetician 972-420-0023"

- Sheri King

Are Liposuction Results Permanent?

Liposuction permanently removes fat cells. If you don’t gain a ton of weight, you will not build new fat cells and you will maintain your results for the remainder of your life. Dr. Lipton stresses the importance of taking care of yourself following the liposuction procedure. If you maintain a healthy lifestyle, you’ll be thrilled with your new slimmer contour for the duration.

History Of Liposuction Surgery

Liposuction is not a new procedure, but it has come a long way from when it was first introduced to the United States in the 1980s. The original procedure was fairly violent. Patients had to be under general anesthesia, and doctors had to make a rather lengthy incision to insert a large cannula. These cannulas had to be moved back and forth quite aggressively to break loose and suction out the fat. Of course, this created a good deal of tissue trauma and subsequent bruising that could linger for months.

Today’s liposuction techniques with Dr. Lipton are easy on the body and also much more targeted and effective. Liposuction is now usually performed with the patient under sedation or “twilight” anesthesia; it is an outpatient procedure. Cannulas are much smaller, dictating very small incisions. Fat can be suctioned out very precisely without the uneven contours created by older methods. Recovery is easy and bruising is much less involved than even just a decade ago.

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What Are The Risks Of Surgical Fat Removal?

Liposuction involves the typical risks involved with surgery, such as bleeding, infection, and reaction to the anesthetic, but these are rare with modern liposuction. Complications specific to liposuction are:

  • Contour irregularities — The treated area can appear bumpy or wavy. If the patient has inelastic skin, this is more prevalent.
  • Numbness — Any numbness in the area is usually temporary, but it can endure.
  • Fluid accumulation — Temporary pockets of fluid (called seromas) can form. These may need to be drained.

Overall, liposuction with Dr. Lipton has proven to be a safe and very satisfying procedure for his patients.

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