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Breast augmentation

Why Breast Augmentation May Be a Good Fit For You

Breast augmentation is a popular cosmetic procedure that has been around for many years. Its main goal is to enhance your breast’s overall appearance by altering the shape, size, and contour. With its increase in popularity, an increase in acceptance and understanding has followed. This acceptance paired with the advancements that the medical field and… Read More »

woman breast for surgery of breast implant

Ways to Customize Your Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is one of the most prevalent procedures in the cosmetic surgery world. In fact, it accounts for almost 20% of all cosmetic surgeries, more than any other procedure. But even despite this immense popularity, many people still don’t know that no two breast augmentation surgeries are alike. In actuality, they’re highly customizable. We at… Read More »

Woman with perfect breasts in black bra on black background

Satisfaction is High with Augmentation

Different treatments and procedures in the aesthetic universe rise and fall in popularity, but one procedure remains quite popular and much of this can be due to the satisfaction patients express with the procedure afterwards.  Breast augmentation.  A study a few years ago from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) showed some interesting statistics… Read More »

Saline Implants with a Difference — Ideal Implants

If you’re considering breast augmentation with Dr. Lipton, it’s likely you’ve been doing lots of research. What else were you going to do trapped indoors most of the time by this never-ending virus (one can only work on so many jigsaw puzzles or watch so many Netflix series!)? In your research you’ve probably read that… Read More »

More Augmentation Decisions

In October’s first blog we delved into the main decision you’ll make once you decide to have breast augmentation, whether you want saline or silicone implants. For this month’s second blog, let’s get into some of the other choices you’ll make. Implant size and projection You’ll choose the size of your implants. This is not… Read More »

Augmentation Decisions

The decision to have breast augmentation is obviously a life-changing one. For a woman who has never been happy with her breasts, these surgeries with Dr. Lipton can provide a whole new sense of self-confidence and a whole new body image. But beyond the basic decision to move forward, there are a host of other… Read More »

Reasons for Implant Revision

Dr. Lipton has many patients come to his Lewisville practice seeking revision surgery for their augmented breasts. There are various reasons why a patient may seek revision surgery. Here are the main issues to be addressed with these procedures. Changing the implant size Sometimes a patient wishes she had different sized implants. Often the goal… Read More »

About the FDA’s Recall of Biocell Textured Implants

As if the past few months of the coronavirus haven’t made us all anxious enough, if you’ve also been considering breast augmentation you may have heard some other news that made you anxious. The FDA recalled a certain type of breast implant, and you’re now wondering what’s up with that. Since Dr. Lipton has performed… Read More »

Breast Augmentation

Sometimes a woman who has had breast augmentation opts to have her surgery revised. The reasons are varied: everything from wanting larger implants to the development of too much scar tissue. Of course, if an implant fails/ruptures the implant will need to be removed and replaced. Most patients will need at least two revision procedures… Read More »

Stuart Lipton, MD

Do You Know About Ideal Implants?

Some of our Lewisville patients want to add shape to their figure through breast augmentation, but they’re reluctant to choose silicone implants. They’ve heard that the feel of silicone implants is more akin to that of natural breast tissue, but they worry about silent rupture. That’s the colloquial term for a rupture of a silicone… Read More »

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