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What Is A Breast Lift?

A breast lift, or mastopexy, may be an option when we are unable to perform a breast augmentation due to the excessive looseness of the skin. This is particularly common following pregnancy with breastfeeding and following weight loss.

Implants alone can improve loose skin if the nipple is at or above the underlying breast fold. If the nipple sags or hangs below the breast fold, placing an implant usually will not adequately raise the nipple, creating an unfavorable outcome with the breast still hanging off the implant. In these cases, there is a tightening of the skin and reshaping of the breast to allow augmentation.

Types Of Breast Lift Procedures:

Dr Lipton performs a Mastopexy on an outpatient basis under general anesthesia, and usually takes 1 to 3 hours. Depending on size and shape of the breasts, as well as the degree of sagging and amount of excess skin, we will use one of the following types of incisions:

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  1. The Crescent Lift: In a Crescent Lift procedure, Dr. Lipton makes an incision around the upper half of the areola which is usually a small incision. It can be used with an augmentation procedure for a modest lift. Many women do not choose this lift technique (opting for only augmentation) because the incision at the top of the areola is (to many women) not worth the modest result.
  2. Peri-Areolar “Donut” Lift: The Donut “Lift” in essence tightens the skin around the breasts. Like the Crescent Lift, it can provide a more subtle lift. The two incisions for a Donut Lift are made around the circumference of the areola and about ½ inch or so outside the circumference of the areola. The surgeon removes the 1/2 inch or so of the skin around the areola, then pulls the rest of the skin to your areola. This results in tightening the breast, which can result in a modest lift. Individuals who desire more lift may be disappointed with the degree of results from the Donut Lift.
  3. Vertical Mastopexy “Lollipop” Lift: In a Lollipop Lift, the incision is made around the areola & vertically down to the crease beneath your breasts (hence the name “lollipop”). The Lollipop Lift can provide a nice, moderate lift that may be more robust than the Donut Lift. One drawback of the Lollipop Lift is it can stretch the lower portion of the skin of the breast because it does not have the additional support of the short incision underneath in the crease of the breasts. For most women, once the incisions are completely healed, they are nearly imperceptible. However, the stretching may result in the vertical incision healing a little bit wider than the same incision with the Anchor Lift. The Lollipop Lift can also sometimes result in the nipple peaking upwards a bit. When peaking occurs, some patients complain about their nipples peaking out of the top of a bikini or top of their bra.
  4. Complete Mastopexy Anchor Lift: The Anchor Lift is also known as the Complete Lift because it typically provides the complete results that many women are seeking from a breast lift procedure. In the Anchor Lift procedure, the incision is the same as the Lollipop, plus a virtually hidden incision in the crease under the breast. Many women who need a breast lift have excess skin from lower breast ptosis (drooping).
    The Anchor Lift may provide more contouring and lift, as well as removing excess skin that may not be removed by the Lollipop procedure. Like the Lollipop procedure, for most women, once the incisions are completely healed, they are nearly imperceptible. The Complete Anchor approach is the most common, most predictable breast lift procedure according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. It also may allow more lifting than the other procedures.

Dr. Lipton and his staff will help guide you to the procedure that best fits your needs and desires.

Who Are The Ideal Candidates For A Breast Lift?

To be a candidate for a breast lift procedure, the patient must be in good overall health, maintain a stable weight, and have realistic expectations. A woman who chooses to have a breast lift has one or more of the following:

  • Sagging breasts
  • Breasts that have lost shape or volume
  • Breasts that are flat or elongated
  • Nipples or areolas pointing downward
  • One breast lower than the other
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Any woman who plans to have (more) children should not undergo the breast lift procedure because pregnancy and nursing can affect its benefits.

Questions? Call one of Dr. Lipton’s breast enhancement concierges, 972-362-4040 or text 972-362-4040 to receive more information.

What Is The Difference Between Breast Augmentation Surgery And A Breast Lift?

Each procedure offers its own set of unique advantages. A breast augmentation focuses on the size and shape of the breast and will not correct drooping breasts. Unlike breast augmentation, a breast lift focuses primarily on breast position and will not increase the size of your bust.

Often a breast lift is done in conjunction with breast augmentation so that the breasts can be restored to a more desirable position and size. Having a breast augmentation with a lift, (also called an Augmentation/Pexy), will give you more upper breast fullness, along with repositioning sagging breasts and nipple areas.

Prior to your Signature Consultation with Dr. Lipton, your breast enhancement concierge will work with you via Zoom or FaceTime to show you how to perform a simple test that will let you know if you need a breast lift or juwt an augmentation.

Can A Breast Augmentation Be Combined With A Breast Lift?

Breast Lifts are often combined with augmentations (implants) to help optimize results. Dr. Lipton and his staff will help guide you to the procedure that best fits your needs and desires.

Is A Breast Lift With A Breast Augmentation, One Procedure Or Two?

This can be either two procedures or one. Several factors influence this decision. Dr. Lipton will discuss this with you in your consultation.

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What Results Can I Expect From Breast Lift Surgery?

Breast lift produces immediate results. As swelling subsides and incision lines fade, your breasts will continue to improve in appearance.

"Dr. Lipton and his staff are the best! I cannot begin to describe how satisfied I am with my results. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Everyone works very hard to make you feel comfortable and welcome. I really felt like Dr. Lipton listened to exactly what I wanted and made it happen. He is truly an artist and has surrounded himself with the best possible team."

- Dayna

Why Choose Dr. Lipton For My Breast Lift

Dr. Lipton has practiced for more than 2 decades, refining his expertise in performing breast lift and augmentation procedures. As you will see by the state-of-the-art technology deployed in Dr. Lipton’s practice, along with many years of refining his techniques, with Dr. Lipton you get a unique blend of wisdom and cutting-edge.

Dr. Lipton is very passionate about what he does. He loves every opportunity to help someone gain or regain confidence about their appearance.

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Stuart Lipton, MD
American Board of Plastic Surgery

Even more importantly, Dr. Lipton cares about his patients. He strives to make each patient’s experience with his practice and procedure a safe, comfortable and enjoyable experience. For instance, he uses long-lasting local anesthesia during surgical procedures. Local anesthesia has nothing to do with being put to sleep during a procedure, but the local anesthesia Dr. Lipton utilizes increases comfort for several hours after surgery to help your body heal faster. Many surgeons do not do this in order to quicken the time the surgeon spends in the procedure. Dr. Lipton takes time to do this for you.

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