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Posts From February, 2021

Tiny Crystals Deliver Big Improvements

When you say the word “crystals,” different people have different reactions. Some instantly think of Mr. Scott and his famous dilithium crystals on the Starship Enterprise. For others, images of Yanni and his big hair, incense, and New Age mumbo jumbo go with crystals. Well, at Dr. Lipton’s we like to think of crystals in… Read More »

The Causes and Treatments of Pigmentation Problems

Skin pigmentation problems such as age spots or blotchiness have many different causes and they occur in all skin types and skin tones. At Dr. Lipton’s, our Medical Spa provides various treatments that improve pigmentation issues, everything from chemical peels to Intense Pulsed Light to Pixel laser resurfacing. For this first blog of February, let’s… Read More »

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