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Breast Augmentation

Best Breast Augmentation in the Dallas Metroplex

Your breasts are a big part of your image. Nationally known plastic surgeon, Stuart Lipton MD, can help shape your conficence, dreams and desires. Dr. Lipton has extensive experience and is Board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, as well as being very personable. You will instantly be at ease with Dr. Lipton and his staff. They will help you feel confident about your choice of silicone or saline implants, as well as the size implant that projects your best image. Your consultation with Dr. Lipton can be in office at our convenient north Dallas metro location or via Zoom in the privacy of your own home.

To speak with one of Dr. Lipton’s breast enhancement concierges, call 972-362-4040 or text 972-362-4040 to receive more information or schedule a consultation.

Breast Augmentation Price

Dr. Lipton’s breast augmentation prices are competitive with other nationally recognized and board certified plastic surgeons. Our breast implant prices include costs such as facility fees and anesthesia. Although our prices are competitive, we don’t cut corners when it comes to your safety and results. For your safety and for a procedure that can endure a lifetime, we use only USA-manufacturered implants by the largest and most well respected breast implant manufacturer, Allergan USA.

Additionally, Dr. Lipton performs the entire procedure himself for optimal results. He does not use surgical technicians to open and close procedures. (Employing surgical technicians is a common practice that allows a surgeon to spend less time in the procedure.) For these and other reasons you will see in your consult, you can be sure you are getting safe and optimal results.

From time to time, we offer monthly specials on breast augmentation. To see if we have a special this month, click on This Month’s Specials

3D Imaging

Dr. Lipton deploys the most advanced 3D imaging so that you can see your before and after images in full 3D. The imaging lets you see how your results will look in motion, such as jumping and lying down as well. Just ask our breast enhancement patient concierge for more information if you would like to see imaging of your breasts in 3D at your virtual or in-office consultation.

Breast Augmentation Insertion and Placement

There are different ways to insert your implants in a breast augmentation procedure. Options include insertion under the arm pits, through the areola, or in the curved crease underneath the breasts. There are pros and cons of each method. These will be discussed with you in your private consultation.

The breast implant will then be placed in the breast pocket, either under the pectoral muscle (a submuscular placement), or directly behind the breast tissue, over the pectoral muscle (a submammary/ subglandular placement). The type of implant and degree of enlargement can influence the method of insertion and positioning of the breast implants. This will be discussed further with you in your private consultation.

Saline or Silicone or Gummy Implants

A breast augmentation procedure can be performed with saline or FDA-approved silicone implants. The options will be more completely discussed in your private consultation or in preparation for a virtual consult (if you choose virtual).

Many individuals choose silicone implants because they may feel more natural on all sides of the implant. If you choose silicone, then for your safety and comfort, we use only genuine FDA-approved silicone implants manufactured by Allergan, the United States’ leading implant and cosmetic medical device supplier.

All of the silicone implants we use are technically gummy implants according to the manufacturer, Allergan. However, there are 3 levels of gummy implants. You can discuss this with Dr. Lipton’s breast enhancement concierge to determine which is best for you.

Other individuals choose saline because they can be more cost effective. When placed below the muscle the differences are harder to detect.

Breast Augmentation Liposuction

If you have excess fatty tissue extending from the breast to the area under the arm pit that could benefit from liposuction, then we will perform liposuction in that area to help achieve a more natural contour. This will be discussed further in your private consultation.

Will Insurance Cover My Breast Augmentation Procedure

Insurance will not typically cover breast augmentation procedures. However, we also accept CareCredit cosmetic medical financing, with instant online approval. Visit to find out how much you qualify for.

Consultation Options

At your Signature Consult, you will meet Dr. Lipton and staff to determine the optimal breast augmentation procedure for you. For your convenience, your patient concierge and Dr. Lipton can Zoom with you for your consultation if you prefer.

Our goal is to make it simple and easy for you to realize your dreams, and cast away any doubts you might have about your appearance.

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