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Posts From February, 2019

Mommy Makeover Lewisville TX

Some Breast Augmentation Questions and Answers

A couple months back our blog discussed five reasons breast augmentation keeps becoming more and more popular. With this popularity comes more women interested in the procedure, and with this interest comes some questions about the procedure. Since Dr. Lipton likes his patients to know as much as possible about the procedures they are potentially… Read More »

Dermal Fillers | Lewisville, TX

Hyaluronic Acid

If you’re reading Dr. Lipton’s blog, you’re probably also familiar with other aspects of the aesthetic world. If so, you’ve probably already heard of hyaluronic acid. In fact, these days you hear about hyaluronic acid in all sorts of skin care products. So, what is this stuff? Hyaluronic acid is the basis of “naturally derived”… Read More »

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