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The Mid-Face Lift and the Mini Facelift

During this oddest of years when we can’t travel much and we’re only going out to eat a fraction of the usual, many people are considering the New Year as a good time to invest in a little rejuvenation with Dr. Lipton. Two relatively easy procedures are the mid-face lift and the mini facelift. These… Read More »


One of the First and Still One of the Best

When most people think of cosmetic surgery it’s much more common and normal today than just 10 or 15 years ago. Prior to that, people would often just disappear for awhile and come back after recovering from procedures like breast augmentation or a facelift. It seems funny now — today many people actually tell everyone… Read More »

Your Face Loves a Chemical Peel

Humans have been trying to peel away their dull, damaged skin for hundreds of years. It’s thought that Cleopatra was the first proponent of chemical peels for her famous visage. She was said to bathe in sour milk to take advantage of the lactic acid’s skin peeling/refreshing characteristics. Today, you won’t need a clothespin for… Read More »

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Tried and True Results — the Facelift

As new procedures, both surgical and non-surgical, come into the aesthetic world, people can forget about the facelift. But a traditional facelift with Dr. Lipton can take 10-15 years off a person’s face, and the procedure delivers results that endure. Who is right for a facelift? Anyone who has passed their 45th birthday could probably benefit… Read More »

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