The Mid-Face Lift and the Mini Facelift

During this oddest of years when we can’t travel much and we’re only going out to eat a fraction of the usual, many people are considering the New Year as a good time to invest in a little rejuvenation with Dr. Lipton.

Two relatively easy procedures are the mid-face lift and the mini facelift. These are both newer methods in the facelift world. They are much less invasive, very customizable, and make for far easier recoveries than with the traditional facelift.

While they cannot achieve the degree of rejuvenation that a full facelift can, either of these procedures with Dr. Lipton could be a good option for you in the New Year.

The mid-facelift

The mid-face lift is a new innovation in facelift methods. It targets areas that traditional facelifts do not — tightening the skin and support tissues in the cheeks and lower eyelids. This is achieved by elevating the fat pad in each cheek. This relatively simple procedure instantly restores fullness to the eye and cheek areas.

Because the mid-face lift targets areas bypassed with traditional facelifts, some patients seek to combine the two to expand their rejuvenation across the entire area below the eyes down through the jowls.

The mini facelift

Many of our patients from around the Dallas area view a mini facelift as a way to turn back the clock before the sands of time have really begun to show their effects. Patients for mini facelifts are typically in their late 40s and early 50s. Using far shorter incisions, mini facelifts can prevent the signs of aging before they are really evident. This early attention can preclude the need for more involved procedures in later years.

Dr. Lipton uses shorter incisions and manipulates underlying tissue to a lesser degree. Muscles are tightened but not cut. This makes for less tissue trauma and bruising, and an easier recovery. Of course, as with every surgery, Dr. Lipton treats each patient’s needs as unique, so your mini facelift won’t be exactly like another patient’s. The overall goal, however, is a combination of nice results with less downtime.

Rejuvenate the New Year

After this crazy COVID year, we’ll all be thrilled to tear up the 2020 calendar. But this is the perfect time to start making plans for any type of facelift with Dr. Lipton. You can come in for a consultation now, and then schedule your procedure sometime early in 2021. That way you’ll be fully recovered in time for the coming great spring weather.

Call us at (972) 420-0023 to schedule a consultation for a facelift, mid-face lift, or mini facelift with Dr. Lipton.

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