More Augmentation Decisions

In October’s first blog we delved into the main decision you’ll make once you decide to have breast augmentation, whether you want saline or silicone implants.

For this month’s second blog, let’s get into some of the other choices you’ll make.

Implant size and projection

You’ll choose the size of your implants. This is not based on cup size, as bras are, but is based simply on the amount of filling inside the implant, measured in cubic centimeters. The most popular size is 350 cc to 400 cc. For most patients, this would look like a small to large C cup.

You’ll choose the profile of your implants. This is also known as their projection. This details the amount of forward projection an implant offers when sitting against your chest wall. Think of it as how much it projects outward. Higher profile implants have smaller bases than lower profile implants.

Above or below

You’ll decide if you want Dr. Lipton to place your implants under your pectoral muscles, known as submuscular placement, or directly behind the breast tissue but above the muscle, known as submammary placement. The size and type of implant will play a part in this decision, and Dr. Lipton will discuss these aspects during your consultation.

Incision type

You’ll decide on where Dr. Lipton makes the incisions to place your implants. He uses incisions made around the areolae, just above the breast crease at the bottom of the breasts, and through the armpits. Areolar incisions cannot be used for larger silicone implant sizes, but they make for virtually no scarring (as the incisions cannot be seen thanks to placement around the areolae). Armpit incisions leave no visible scarring on the breasts but make for a somewhat more involved recovery. Inframammary incisions on the breast crease can be used to place the larger implant sizes, but they also create the largest scar.

Gummy bears versus Ideal Implants

When we discussed the choice between saline and silicone implants in October’s first blog, we didn’t have space to discuss two newer options: gummy bear implants and Ideal saline implants. All of the silicone implants Dr. Lipton uses are technically “gummy bear” implants. This simply means that these implants feature highly cohesive silicone gel. There are three degrees of this cohesiveness, the most cohesive feeling similar to gummy candy, hence the name “gummy bear implants”

The Ideal Implant is a saline implant that is fabricated with a different method. It uses a nesting construction with different chambers holding the saline solution. This makes these saline implants feel more like silicone implants, without having any actual silicone inside them.

OK, so now you have all of your decisions to be included with breast augmentation with Dr. Lipton. He’ll discuss all of these with you at length. We also have 3D imaging software, so you can see how the different sizes and implant projections  will look on your body.

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