Improve the Appearance of Rosacea With a Photo Facial

Photo facial For those struggling with rosacea, red skin, or rash on their cheeks or nose, an IPL (intense pulsed light) photo facial is your treatment solution. IPL photo facials are an advanced laser treatment that penetrates deep into the skin to stimulate collagen production and treat skin discoloration. It resolves a number of skin conditions, including sun spots, scars, hyperpigmentation, and even rosacea. Consider IPL photo facial in Lewisville, TX, today and feel confident in your skin.

Signs of Rosacea

If you’re unsure whether or not your skin condition is rosacea, there are a few common indications, such as:

  • Burning or stinging sensations in the affected area
  • Small red bumps or pimples
  • Constant redness
  • Visible blood vessels

If you have noticed one or more of these skin conditions, see a professional to get a diagnosis and ensure you are treating the correct condition, as each one may benefit from different treatments.

How Does IPL Photo Facial Work?

IPL photo facials utilize light energy, which is converted into heat energy by the targeted cells. Your body will then get rid of these targeted cells, promoting collagen production and the development of new cells.

Furthermore, rosacea often results in broken blood vessels, which absorb the light from the laser and promote the healing process. With the healing of broken blood vessels and the growth of new skin, the appearance of rosacea will begin to fade and reveal a more even skin tone.

Following your treatment, you should begin to see the results in about a week, but it may take more than one treatment to see the full effects of an IPL photo facial.

How Many Treatments Will Be Needed To Treat Rosacea?

The amount of treatments needed to see the full results will vary depending on the person and skin type. When you speak with your doctor, they will be able to work with you and provide you with a treatment plan, including their proposed treatments.

In general, most patients need about three to four sessions to experience the full effects of the treatment. Follow-up appointments may also be needed at least once a year to maintain the results.

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If you’re feeling self-conscious due to rosacea or another skin condition, IPL photo facials in Lewisville, TX, can provide you with beautiful results. Dr. Stuart Lipton is an expert in medical spa treatments and can consult on your unique needs. Contact the office today at (972) 420-0023 or submit a form online.

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