What To Expect During Recovery From a Breast Reduction

breast reductionWhether you’re looking to improve your self-confidence or your breasts are causing you pain and discomfort, a breast reduction can provide you with natural, beautiful breasts you feel comfortable with. If you’re considering a breast reduction, it’s important to know the recovery process to help you prepare and decide if this procedure is right for you.

What Is Involved in a Breast Reduction Procedure?

During a breast reduction procedure, you will be placed under general anesthesia. The doctor will then remove the amount of breast tissue discussed for your treatment and remove any excess skin as well. Then, depending on the patient’s individual needs, they will relocate the areola and nipple to ensure it looks natural on the breasts.

What Does a Timeline for Breast Reduction Recovery Look Like?

Week 1

The first week after your breast reduction procedure, you are likely to be uncomfortable, and your range of motion will be severely restricted. You may also feel some nausea or dizziness during the first day. It will be in your best interest to get plenty of rest and provide your breast with plenty of support with bandages or a surgical bra. Sitting up or propping your head and back up with pillows can also help alleviate some pressure on your chest. You may also prefer to have a loved one or friend available to assist you as some tasks may be more difficult to do on your own.

At the end of week one, your doctor will remove the stitches, replace your bandages, and ensure you are healing properly.

Weeks 2-4

After week one, you may still experience soreness and fatigue. However, you should be able to start doing small, light movements such as household chores and walks. When you can do these things will depend on your pain levels. You should be careful not to push yourself, as this can set back your recovery.

Month 1

By the end of month one, you should be mostly recovered and able to resume normal activities. Around six weeks post-op, you can also begin returning to the gym and switch to a normal bra, although a sports bra may be more comfortable initially.

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