Leaves the Mythology to the Greeks

cosmetic surgery procedures Lewisville, TXMyths are as old as mankind. The original meaning of the word was that of a traditional story, passed on from generation to generation and often explaining superhuman feats. That could be why the meaning of the word has shifted to a belief that is widely held, but false.

There are plenty of myths out there these days, such as that Coors is as good as Shiner Bock! Or that Carolina barbecue is as tasty as Texas BBQ. The aesthetic industry and plastic surgeons have their own fair share. Here are five myths about the business that Dr. Lipton would like to dispel.

Liposuction is a great weight loss tool

Nope. Liposuction is not a weight loss procedure. Removing too much fat during liposuction can actually be dangerous. Liposuction is meant to remove pockets of fat that don’t respond to exercise or dieting. Things like love handles. Dr. Lipton requires his liposuction patients to be within 10% of their ideal weight to have liposuction.

Plastic surgery doesn’t leave scars

The fact is, when human skin is cut, healing creates a scar. This is created by excess collagen produced to heal the wound. That is without exception. Talented plastics surgeons, such as Dr. Lipton, however, are expert at minimizing the appearance of scars by placing the incisions in inconspicuous places such as where a natural crease occurs.

Breast augmentation is a one-time event

Just like most things, breast implants have a definite lifespan. That lifespan is longer today than 20 years ago, but implants still won’t last for decades. Plus, as the person with implants ages, her breasts will still droop with that aging. So, you will likely need another breast implant replacement procedure, and possibly a breast lift, down the road.

You can’t go out in the sun after surgery

After surgery, you should limit your sun exposure because it can delay your healing to a degree and it can make your scars redden. But, as long as you protect your skin, you don’t have to pretend you’re a vampire. Simply protect your skin from our Texas sun with sunscreen with 30 SPF or higher and protective clothing.

Liposuction isn’t permanent fat removal

While liposuction isn’t a guarantee against putting on weight again or creating new fat cells, the fat removed by liposuction is permanently gone from that area. We only have so many fat cells, the number being, basically, finished when we exit puberty. If you gain a ton of weight new fat cells can be created, but otherwise their number is static. Any fat cells vacuumed away are gone for good.

Now that we’ve set some misperceptions straight, are you interested in having Dr. Lipton help you turn back the clock just a bit? Call us for a consultation at (972) 420-0023.

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