The Enemy of Fat — Liposuction

Liposuction | Lewisville, TXThe human body, despite what some crackpots who don’t believe in evolution say, just can’t let go of all the traits of our prehistoric ancestors. Your great, great, great, great uncle the Ape Man had an extra set of molars because his diet wasn’t exactly yogurt and filet mignon. Those molars are now unwanted wisdom teeth for us. And your appendix once had a purpose, but now it just waits around to become infected and need removal.

And your body stores fat in preparation for those lean times when we may need to exist on bark and some berries. Not exactly a problem today.

Still, fat accumulates in some areas and is almost impossible to remove with diet and exercise. The lower abdomen, the flanks, and the upper thighs are three of these spots, among many others.

Fortunately, Dr. Lipton performs liposuction to get rid of these stored fat. Sorry, Ape Man.

What is liposuction?

You’d have to have been living in a cave for the past 30 years or so to not have heard of liposuction. The procedure first came to the U.S. from France in the 1980s. Originally it was quite invasive. The patient had to be under general anesthesia because the surgeon had to move the large cannula (hollow tube with suction) back and forth quite violently to break loose the fat cells to be suctioned away. This created serious tissue trauma and subsequent bruising that could linger for months.

Today, liposuction has come a long way. The cannulas Dr. Lipton uses are quite thin, requiring only tiny incisions to gain access to the target areas. And he uses the tumescent method, where a saline solution including lidocaine and epinephrine is injected into the treatment areas prior to the liposuction. This makes the fat cells easier to remove, constricts the blood vessels for less blood loss and bruising, and the lidocaine is an anesthetic.

Today, most of Dr. Lipton’s patients can return to work in just two or three days, unless they have had multiple areas treated. Bruising usually resolves in a week to 10 days. And the incisions are so small they are closed with simple bandages, not sutures.

Where can I have fat removed?

Dr. Lipton’s expertise and advances in technology really make this a question of where “can’t” you have liposuction? Dr. Lipton performs liposuction on these areas: lower abdomen, flanks, hips, upper thighs, bra line, male breasts, buttocks, inner knees, and the jowls.

Interested in telling your Ape Man ancestors where they can put the unwanted stored fat? Call Dr. Lipton at (972) 420-0023 and set up a consultation for liposuction.

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