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Mommy Makeover, Lewisville, TXMost new moms were fully prepared for the impact having a child would make on their lives. But the effects it wrought on their bodies…maybe not so much.

Truth is, pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding are extremely tough on a woman’s body. Breasts that were firm and high now sag and droop. A tummy area that was relatively tight now sports a little pooch. And fat pockets have developed here and there that don’t listen to any exercise you throw at them or any diets you seek to starve them with.

A mommy makeover with Dr. Lipton can reverse those new, unwelcome changes.

What is a mommy makeover?

A mommy makeover is simply a moniker fora combination of procedures that address the areas of the body most affected by pregnancy, breastfeeding, and childbirth. Dr. Lipton, as he does with every surgery he performs, customizes the procedures to the unique needs of the clients, but a mommy makeover typically involves three procedures: a breast lift with or without augmentation, a tummy tuck, and liposuction.

Who could benefit from a mommy makeover?

Pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding leave a mark on every new mom. If your once tight tummy now has a definite, permanent pooch; if you have fat deposits in certain areas of the body such as your thighs; and if your breasts are sagging and have lost volume —those are the issues the combined procedures of a mommy makeover target.

To even consider these procedures, however, Dr. Lipton wants his patients to be absolutely sure they are done having any more children. This isn’t an arbitrary thing —any changes made by your mommy makeover will be negated by another pregnancy. Also, you should have lost most if not all of your pregnancy weight and have been at a stable weight for a few months.

The procedures

Tummy tuck—The localized weight gain of pregnancy can actually separate the muscles of the abdomen, in addition to stretching the skin. The goal in a tummy tuck is to regain a firm, sculpted lower and mid-abdomen area. Dr. Lipton makes one incision at the bikini line and possibly a second at the belly button if you have some loose skin above your navel. Then he tightens underlying muscles and trims excess skin before reattaching the skin in a tighter contour.

Liposuction—Liposuction is used to remove stubborn pockets of fat that are a leftover of your pregnancy and seem impervious to any attempts at exercise or dietary restraint. This will likely be used with your tummy tuck, but it is also common on the outer or inner thighs and maybe the bottom of the buttocks.

Breast lift—A breast lift returns the breasts to a higher, firmer position on the chest. Excess skin will likely be trimmed and the nipple complex probably moved higher. A lift can be accompanied by augmentation to regain lost volume or to increase size.

Interested in getting back to that pre-baby body? Contact Dr. Lipton at (972) 420-0023 to schedule a consultation for a mommy makeover.

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