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Laser Hair Removal Dallas, TXSome people along with East and West Coasts deride the Gulf of Mexico as a bathtub because it’s relatively shallow and it gets quite warm. But from up here in Lewisville, a five-hour trek down to Galveston is a welcome respite from a hot summer.

This summer, is your bikini line going to be ready for the Gulf, or just for the pool? If you come see us at Dr. Lipton’s now, we can get busy removing the hair with our lasers.

How does laser hair removal work?

Laser energy doesn’t zap the hairs; instead it targets the hair follicles, where the hairs live. When you come see us to have laser hair removal on an area, we set the laser wavelength to match the melanin in your unwanted hair. The melanin is what gives your hair (and your skin, for that matter) its color.

We then direct short pulses of laser energy down onto the targeted hairs. The melanin in the hair shaft absorbs the light energy, which converts to heat. The heat then travels down the hair shaft into the hair follicle. There, the heat damages or destroys the hair follicle, precluding it from producing hair in the future.

Why do I need multiple appointments?

Some people think a single laser hair removal session could remove all of their unwanted hair at one time. The problem is that the three million or so hairs on our bodies operate like independent contractors. Every hair goes through the three phases of the hair growth cycle independent of the other hairs. These are the growth, transition, and resting phases. Laser energy is only effective on hairs when they are in the growth phase. This is because these hairs are still actively anchored in the follicle and receiving nourishment. In the transition and resting phases, the hair is either on the way out of the follicle or is already out and being shed. Laser energy has no effect because it can’t get down into the follicle with hairs in these two phases.

So, the goal is to catch as many unwanted hairs as possible in the growth phase. About 20 percent of your individual hairs are in the growth phase at any one time. Now you can see why it takes multiple laser sessions to get more and more hair. How many sessions you need to get the amount of hair removal you seek is completely individual.

If you want to be ready for bikini season, gals, or if you guys want to get rid of that back and shoulder hair, call us at Dr. Lipton’s, (972) 420-0023, and set up a laser hair removal session.

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