We Love Our New ARTAS Hair Restoration System. You’ll Love Your New Hair

In the first blog this month, we announced the addition of the ARTAS iX System for Hair Restoration at Dr. Lipton’s practice. This new system utilizes state-of-the-art robotic technology to assist Dr. Lipton with the difficult task of removing healthy hair follicles and manually transferring them to thinning areas. The precision and efficiency of the ARTAS System is a game changer for follicular hair transplantation. Dr. Lipton is excited to introduce this new system to his patients suffering from hair loss.

In this second blog, we’ll compare the current manual methods of follicular unit extraction with the automation of the ARTAS System.

ARTAS vs. manual FUE

  • 3D analysis— The ARTAS iX System uses real-time 3D analysis to provide accurate mapping and calculations of critical hair follicle characteristics. This dramatically improves the quality of the follicles harvested, which then improves the successful transplant rate. The ARTAS software monitors and updates the parameters of each graft 60 times per second. With manual FUE, the hair follicles must be examined and evaluated by the doctor wearing magnification glasses.
  • Harvesting— The ARTAS System uses high-definition stereoscopic vision utilizing the ARTAS Artificial Intelligence algorithms to identify, select, and harvest the best hair follicles with the robotic arm. In manual methods, hairs are punched out one follicle at a time, demanding extensive periods of fine hand-eye coordination and dexterity. As the session progresses, fatigue begins to increase the chances of human error.
  • Recipient site creation and implantation — With manual FUE, the recipient sites must be manually created. Then the individual follicles are placed in them. With ARTAS, the robotic arm creates the optimal recipient sites and simultaneously implants each follicle.

Steps in an ARTAS iX hair transplantation session

There are five steps involved with these ARTAS hair transplantation sessions:

  1. The high-definition stereoscopic vision system uses AI to identify and select the best hair follicles for harvesting.
  2. Hair is intelligently harvested with robotic precision to preserve the natural look of the donor area.
  3. A customized hairline is designed with the ARTAS System’s Recipient Site Making Technology under the supervision of Dr. Lipton. This creates optimal site distribution for harvested hair follicles and it avoids damaging healthy hair.
  4. The individual hair follicles are then transplanted robotically into the thinning areas.
  5. Noticeably thicker, natural-looking and permanent hair growth starts around six months and continues over time.

Interested in ARTAS iX hair transplantation? Call Dr. Lipton at (972) 420-0023 to schedule a consultation.

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