Common Questions About Buccal Fat Removal Answered

buccal fat removal

Looking youthful is the goal of many people; however, those of us still lugging around our “baby fat” cheeks are being constantly reminded of how looking youthful can sometimes be a burden. Cheek fat that causes this full look is typically caused by a variety of reasons from excess weight to even genetics. If the reason for your full cheeks is the latter, then no matter how much you diet and exercise, those cheeks simply won’t slim. Luckily, there is a way to do just that: Buccal Fat Removal. If you’ve been wondering about this cosmetic procedure and have questions, keep reading to have them answered!

What Is Buccal Fat? 

Buccal fat is a type of fat that is different from the fat addressed with liposuction. Since it is not subcutaneous, meaning just underneath the skin, but rather buccal fat is compartmentalized into different parts of the face. These compartments are deep in the face, located near muscles, mouth corners, and all the way up to the temple.

What Is Recovery Time For Buccal Fat Removal? 

Once the buccal fat is removed, the healing process begins. If you’ve ever had your wisdom teeth taken out, you know how much swelling can accompany facial surgery. Though the swelling and inflammation may not be as severe as a wisdom tooth removal, do expect some swelling and discomfort. However, even despite the swelling, you should be able to see the potential of the results immediately after your removal. Full recovery for buccal fat removal lasts only a few short weeks, but your final results may not be seen for up to three months as deep swelling remains.

Can I Gain Back Buccal Fat?

No. Just as buccal fat is unaffected by weight loss efforts, weight gain similarly does not affect buccal fat. Once removed, they will be gone; however, if you do gain weight, as the subcutaneous fat levels in your face rise, the contouring of your face after the buccal fat removal procedure may also subside a small amount.

Have More Questions? 

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