Questions About Breast Lifts

When it comes to breast lifts, people are a little fuzzy with overall understanding of what these surgeries are all about. Most people understand the goal is to lift the breasts, hence the name of the procedure, but details can get a little sketchy. Do they make the breasts larger? Do they make the breasts smaller? Where are the scars? Will I lose sensation?

Since Dr. Lipton performs breast lifts to address flattening and sagging breasts for many Dallas and Lewisville patients, he’s very experienced with these procedures. Let’s get you a little more expertise by answering some questions in this last blog before a steamy Texas summer.

Breast lift or breast augmentation?

The goals of these two surgeries with Dr. Lipton are different. Some women assume you can simply place breast implants to overcome sagging and loose skin. While implants can reverse mild sagging and return volume to the upper breast area that is more prone to flattening, they cannot reverse extensive sagging. That’s the job of a breast lift.

There is also some misunderstanding about breast lifts. The goal of a breast lift is to return the breasts to their former, higher position on the chest. To do this, Dr. Lipton removes excess sagging skin, reshapes the breast tissue, and usually moves the areolae to compensate for the removed sagging tissue. Breast lifts do not add volume to the breasts. Because the breasts are brought back up on the chest, there is less mass at the bottom of the breasts, which can even dictate a smaller cup size in the bra. This doesn’t mean a breast lift shrinks the breasts, but they do relocate the tissue moving it out of the bottom of the bra. This gives you higher, firmer breasts, but it can mean buying some new bras that fit your new form.

So, lift or augmentation, which is the way to go? If you have minimal sagging and would like to add volume and shape to your breasts, augmentation is the answer. If you have flattened breasts and a fair amount of sagging, a breast lift is the answer. However, if you want to lift the breasts and gain volume, then you should have a breast lift with implants.

Can a breast lift correct asymmetrical breasts?

Most women have some degree of asymmetry between their breasts; this is completely normal. If this bothers you, Dr. Lipton can provide symmetry with either a breast lift or a breast lift with implants. This is possible because the breast lift procedure changes the elevation of the breasts and that can be customized to each breast, so they end up symmetrical.

Can a breast lift and breast augmentation be performed in the same surgical session?

Yes. Adding implants to a breast lift is a simple extension of this surgery. Dr. Lipton can use the incisions he has made for your breast lift to place your implants. This eliminates the need for extra incisions. It’s as if adding the implants is just an add-on to the lift procedure. Plus, you only have a single recovery, rather than two.

Is it possible to breastfeed after a breast lift?

Here’s the thing. Patients opting to have a breast lift should have made the decision that they are not interested in having additional children. That’s because the size gain and loss of pregnancy, along with the volume loss due to breastfeeding, will negate all of the benefits you received from the breast lift in the first place. Plus, there is a good chance your weight gain will distort your incision scars.

OK, but things happen, even if they weren’t planned for. In those cases, there will likely be some disruption of your milk glands with a breast lift. This is because the nipple/areola complex is usually moved.

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