3 Reasons Why You Aren’t a Good Candidate For Plastic Surgery

Peaceful young patient with dotted lines on the face in an examination roomIf you’re considering getting plastic surgery, ensuring you meet the requirements is critical. Because of certain medical and psychological issues, some candidates simply can’t get plastic surgery. So, how do you know if you’ll qualify? It’s best to consult a board-certified plastic surgeon who can advise whether or not you fit the criteria.

Here are three of the most commonly disqualifying reasons for surgery:

Reason #1: Health Reasons

A patient’s health is a crucial factor in eligibility for plastic surgery. To decide if the procedure is safe, plastic surgeons must perform a comprehensive evaluation of the individual — this can include reviewing any existing medical conditions, such as cardiovascular issues or diabetes. This evaluation considers asthma, infection risk factors, and the patient’s body mass index (BMI) to preserve the patient’s well-being after surgery. Any issue impacting the ability to complete or recover the surgery may disqualify individuals from undergoing plastic surgery.

Reason #2: Medications

Patients are encouraged to reveal any medications they take to their surgeons before a procedure. A good reason for this is that some medicines can affect the patient’s ability to heal or even their mental capacity. Examples of such drugs include anti-inflammatories and depressants. When informed of a patient’s medication, a surgeon can assess if it could impact their healing in certain ways and make decisions regarding further preparations for the surgery. This may include delaying the procedure or stopping certain medications for some time beforehand.

Reason #3: Age

Age is an important consideration for plastic surgery. Patients under 18 may not be mature enough to understand the potential outcomes of such a procedure. This is also true for patients over 65 due to the physical strain that may occur from undergoing plastic surgery. Since surgeons know the patient’s overall health, lifestyle, and risk factors, they are qualified to make this judgment.

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