New Hair for a New Year

To a person, no one was sad to throw the 2020 calendar into the recycling bin and break out a New Year. With all the time we had to spend at home, most of us conducted occasional surveys about our surroundings and ourselves. Since no one can go out to eat or travel anywhere, we all have money to get rid of that old couch or dining room table that has now had to double as an office desk.

And people have been sizing up their appearance, too. Probably from all of those Zoom closeups where you see how you look in the small corner window on your screen.

If you’re suffering from thinning hair, you’ve likely been lamenting the fact, but not interested in the salves and other questionable means that promise to supposedly get your hair back.

Dr. Lipton has a better way. What if he took actively growing hair follicles from the back of your scalp and moved them to where your hair is thinning? Now that sounds sensible. And what if he can do it with a level of precision that would make a BMW factory proud?

He can with the ARTAS Hair Restoration System. Let’s spend these two blogs for the New Year talking about your thinning hair and how Dr. Lipton can help restore it to growth.

Hair loss is anything but rare

If your hair has been thinning, you probably have some level of male or female pattern baldness. You’re not alone by any means. By the age of 35 nearly two thirds of men will have some degree of noticeable hair loss. By the time you’re 50, that rises to 85 percent of all men. For women, after 50 about half of women have noticeable hair loss.

As you’ve been seeing more and more hair in the brush or the shower drain, you’ve probably paid some attention to possible treatments. One of these is follicular unit extraction (FUE). This is a relatively new method of hair restoration where individual hair follicles are taken one-by-one from a donor area on the back of the scalp and are transplanted back into areas where the hair is thinning. FUE has proven to be successful for using these healthy follicles to regrow hair in thinning areas. That’s because the follicles taken from the back of the scalp are usually not affected by male pattern baldness, even if the upper and top of the scalp are.

The problem with FUE as it has been done is that doctors have to transfer hundreds of follicles using manual methods. This can take an entire day and the repetition can lead to human error that damages many of the follicles, making their successful transfer less likely.

That’s where ARTAS iX is better. Physicians and researchers developed this system of follicle removal and transplantation. By making the system robotic and guided by AI, it takes the human error element out of the equation. It takes the great idea that is follicular unit extraction and makes it better with technology. And Dr. Lipton has it for our patients from Lewisville and the surrounding areas.

In January’s second blog, we’ll get into the details of this awesome ARTAS system for restoring your hair. Until then, if you’re interested in a consultation for hair restoration with Dr. Lipton, call us at (972) 420-0023 to make your appointment.

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