Medical Grade Chemical Peels: Transforming Your Skin in Lewisville, TX

A brunette woman wearing a hairband with a bright smileAre you seeking a solution for skin concerns like fine lines, sun damage, or uneven skin tone? Look no further! Medical Grade Chemical Peels in Lewisville, TX, offer a range of treatments to rejuvenate and refresh your skin. This blog will explore what chemical peels are, the different types, the procedure, and what you can expect during your treatment journey.

What Are Chemical Peels? 

Chemical peels, or derma peels, are minimally invasive procedures designed to improve your skin’s appearance. They are mostly used on the face but can also be applied to the neck and hands. There are three main types of chemical peels: light, medium, and deep:

Light Chemical Peel 

Light chemical peels target mild skin imperfections and enhance tone and texture without downtime. These peels are typically performed more frequently for optimal results.

Medium Chemical Peel 

Medium chemical peels address mild to moderate skin imperfections and provide visible results after a single treatment.

Deep Chemical Peel 

Deep chemical peels tackle moderate to severe skin imperfections, delivering the most dramatic improvements.

Am I A Candidate For Chemical Peel Treatments? 

Most adults can safely undergo chemical peel treatments. You should tell your doctor about all your medications and supplements because some may increase the risk of adverse reactions. A history of cold sores or noticeable scarring may also contribute to poor results from a chemical peel. We conduct a thorough consultation, medical history review, and skin examination to ensure the best results with minimal risks.

The Chemical Peel Procedure 

An AHA peel involves cleansing the skin and applying the solution without needing post-peel ointment or covering. During a phenol or TCA peel, the skin is cleansed, and the solution is applied, causing a brief stinging sensation. Petroleum jelly or waterproof adhesive tape may be applied after a phenol peel.

What Results Can I Expect From Chemical Peel Treatment? 

Chemical peels effectively reduce visible signs of aging, brighten skin, improve color and clarity, tighten and improve texture, and minimize skin imperfections like age spots, acne-prone skin, and sun damage. Results from light peels are subtle, while medium and deep peels offer more dramatic improvements.

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