Large Natural Breasts Can Be a Pain

For the past few years, breast augmentation has been the most popular cosmetic surgery in the U.S. That’s why it’s hard for some people to understand why a woman would opt to have Dr. Lipton surgically reduce the size of her breasts, usually by two or more cup sizes with breast reduction.

The reality is — overly large natural breasts can be a real pain. We mean that both literally and figuratively.

For September’s two blogs, let’s get into these reduction surgeries.

Who could benefit from breast reduction?

Having overly large breasts, a condition clinically known as hypermastia, can be a burden both physically and psychologically. While women tire of the undue attention their breasts can attract, there are also many physical problems caused by overly large breasts. When patients come to Dr. Lipton for help, these are the common health issues that often accompany a woman’s decision to have reduction surgery:

  • Spine problems
  • Neck pain
  • Back pain
  • Tingling hands
  • Balance problems
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Headaches and migraines

Those are the physical issues caused by the weight of large natural breasts. An unfortunate side issue is that large breasts can make a woman pull back from areas of her life socially. She’ll often avoid sports and most types of exercise because her breasts are a hindrance to participation. They can come into play as a distraction in social and professional environments. Who needs that?

One thing to note about reduction surgery, however, with Dr. Lipton. He only performs cosmetic breast reduction. This is due to the potential for complications involved with reducing overly large natural breasts that are creating more serious health issues that require intervention. Dr. Lipton also wants his breast reduction patients to be no more than a 2-3 drive out of Dallas, so that we can monitor your recovery.

What results can I expect from breast reduction surgery?

It’s ironic in a way, but our breast reduction patients are so thrilled with the outcomes of these procedure. They’ve typically been saddled with the burden of their overly large natural breasts their entire life from puberty on. Rather than the sagging, outsized breasts that were out of proportion with her figure, now the breasts are proportional and in line with the rest of the figure. Gone is the sagging skin and oversized nipple/areola complexes. After breast reduction, the patient’s breasts are higher on the chest, firm, and look great. Yes, there are incision scars, but these will fade with time. Plus, patients feel the scars are worth it just to be rid of their large, heavy, sagging breasts.

In September’s second blog, we’ll get into how Dr. Lipton performs breast reduction surgery.

If you’re interested in having Dr. Lipton reduce your overly large natural breasts, please give us a call at (972) 420-0023 to set up a consultation.

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