Could Your Lips Use a Lift?

Now that we’re in a new decade, people consider changes they’d like to make in their lives and their bodies. What about more kissable lips? Now that’s one you probably hadn’t thought of.

But Dr. Lipton is an expert at giving his patients more kissable lips with a simple surgery known as a lip lift.

What is a lip lift?

A lip lift is a straightforward, quick procedure. Dr. Lipton simply shortens the space between the bottom of the nose and the top of the lips. Clinically, this is known as the philtrum. When Dr. Lipton removes a gull wing-shaped strip of skin from the philtrum, this raises the vermillion border, accentuates the Cupid’s Bow, and makes your lips more enhanced and beautiful.

Would a lip lift be right for me?

Most of us aren’t overly thrilled with the thin lips we got from Mom and Dad. But most of us aren’t thrilled with the idea of injecting them will dermal fillers every six months or so, either. Plus, that can make your lips look artificially plump.

A lip lift provides a more natural result, not just plumping. Younger patients can benefit from the lip enhancement without a long-term future of filler use. Older patients benefit because a surgical lip lift effectively shortens the upper lip by gently pulling the skin upward in the Cupid’s Bow area. This counteracts the volume loss and lengthening that happens to our upper lip with age.

How does Dr. Lipton do a lip lift?

These procedures take less than an hour. Dr. Lipton uses local anesthesia, but you can also opt for sedation, as well. For the center, he makes an incision in the junction between the nose and the skin above the upper lip. The incision shape is usually like a gull wing, but it can be modified depending on the characteristics of the individual patient’s lips. If the corners of the patient’s mouth droop, the incision can extend further into the groove between the nose and the mouth, the nasolabial crease. This can elevate drooping corners, another common problem with aging lips.

Does a lip lift leave a scar?

Dr. Lipton has extensive experience with these procedures and is expert at hiding the incision. This occurs where the nose meets the skin above the upper lip. This is a natural change in skin shape, so the scar is virtually invisible after healing.

Want to shape up your lips for a new decade? Call Dr. Lipton at (972) 420-0023 to schedule a consultation for a lip lift.

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