How CO2Lift® Pro Can Revitalize Your Skin

Close,Up,Side,Profile,Photo,Beautiful,Amazing,Mature,She,Her If you’re looking for a non-surgical treatment option, consider trying CO2Lift® Pro, a carboxy gel mask that can revitalize and rejuvenate your skin. The CO2Lift Pro is an effective treatment option for various skin concerns, including uneven skin tone or texture, fine lines, and dry skin.

What Is CO2Lift Pro?

CO2Lift Pro is a medical-grade carboxy gel mask that utilizes carbon dioxide to rejuvenate the skin. The gel goes on like a face mask. After keeping it on for 35 to 60 minutes, the carboxy CO2 delivered to your skin will improve hydration (by as much as 117 percent), smooth your skin, shrink pores, firm your face, encourage healing, and enhance microcirculation and oxygen concentration–all in a single treatment!

CO2Lift Pro can be used before or following another treatment, such as laser or microneedling, to enhance your results.

Can You Buy CO2Lift Pro in Stores?

While you can apply CO2Lift Pro at home, you can’t find it in your favorite beauty supply store. Only medical and aesthetic service providers can purchase it due to the strength of the carboxy gel formula.

How To Use CO2Lift Pro

Whether you’re having this treatment done in our office or performing it at home, it’s important to follow the preparation steps carefully.

Before applying the CO2Lift Pro mask, you must mix the product. You’ll find a packet in the box that feels firm; massage it until it softens. Next, pour it into a mixing bowl, open the large packet, and pour that in as well.

Mix the ingredients for 60 seconds. This will allow the carboxy in the formula to become active. Next, use an application stick to put the CO2Lift Pro on your face. Do this immediately when the carboxy is most potent.


Apply first below your eyes, working your way to your lashes. Cover your nose and mouth and finish with your eyelids. A thicker application is better, so be generous as you put it on.

Then, sit down for the next 40 to 45 minutes, letting the ingredients in the mask improve your face texture and appearance. The application stick will help you remove the mask.

If you are having a CO2Lift Pro mask done in-office, we will apply it for you, set a timer, and ensure you are comfortable and relaxed for the duration of the treatment.

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