What does Dr. Lipton actually do?

Many things. Correct the foundation as well as the overlying skin. For example, eyelids that are baggy will have the excess fatty tissue underneath the skin removed as well as shaping the skin. For chin and neck surgery, as done in a facelift, the inner muscle sling is tightened. In nasal surgery the underlying bone structure and cartilage is shaped to allow the surface skin to drape naturally.

Recovery is usually rapid and minimally painful because surgery seldom enters areas of the body causing disability.

Patients are always evaluated completely, both medically and surgically. It is determined if the surgery will actually help the patient or is unnecessary. Is the patient a good candidate because he/she is medically health? Should the patient change or improve anything before surgery: weight, smoking, hair or teeth?

The surgery always involves a cut in the skin to allow for trimming or shaping. This means there will always be a scare somewhere. The scars are planned to be hidden after healing is complete. They are camouflage with makeup or hair.

Despite what you hear from the cosmetic industry, there is no potion, cream or medicine that can shrink the skin back to its youthful contour.

Psychology Today magazine did a study which showed that a lot of people feel that Mother Nature could have done a better job. People approach this just as they would any other physical problem that they might be born with: like crooked teeth, lousy eyesight or poor hearing. Can you imagine a nearsighted person refusing to get glasses because they are “unnatural” Have you ever heard of someone boast that their crooked teeth give them “character?” Do you have any friends who tell you that their hearing problem is part of their “personality?”

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